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Clip ons and Fit overs Sunglasses

Clip on sunglasses are very unique. Theses sunglasses are made for a specific function. Mainly that purpose is to easily clip on over prescription glasses. Many people that need prescription glasses believe it to be a haste to buy not only prescription glass but then to have to purchase over priced prescription sunglasses are well for driving etc. However with Clip on sunglasses, there is no need to waste money on prescription sunglasses when you can simply clip on tented lenses to your already prescription glasses. Clip on wholesale sunglasses are a simple and easy way to save money while still getting the affect over having sunglasses. You can use the prescription glass for the prescription and use the clips on for the style and the tent. You can be protected from UV rays while paying less. Also available are flip overs. Flip over sunglasses are used for the same purpose. They are simply flipped up when not needed and flipped down over regular glasses when needed. Flip over sunglasses and clip on sunglasses both share an equal purpose and they both can save you from spending extra on another pair of prescription glasses. They also can be trendy in a great way. Wholesalers strive to save you money by selling stylish clip on and flip over sunglasses for low discounted prices. They also can be purchased in package deals.